AE Spa is owned and operated by Andréa and Sky Sands. Andréa has been providing skin care therapy for over 25 years, as well as educating other estheticians by sharing the knowledge she has obtained from the various schools, classes and conferences she has attended. Andréa has studied in Austria, Canada, England, France, Germany and Hungary, as well as throughout the United States. The techniques and theories that she has learned throughout her travels is shared with everyone she trains in order for them to become a Team Member at AE Spa.

Andréa is recognized as a respected instructor to estheticians both nationally and internationally, living the concept that, “You really have not learned something until you have shared it with someone else.” It is that kind of attitude and mind-set that has made AE Spa what it is today: An extension of Andréa's passion for making people‘s lives happier and healthier.