AE Spa Wellness Program

“It’s a Lifestyle”

At AE Spa, we believe in nurturing and caring for the whole body, as do many of our clients. With this in mind, we have created our AE Spa Wellness Program that allows our clients to select a monthly service from one of our three brand-new Wellness services: the Wellness Massage, Wellness Facial or Wellness Pedicure. Clients can choose a different Wellness service each month to focus on specific needs or goals and to customize a yearly program that suits their entire well-being. The Wellness services are exclusive to this program and are only offered to clients enrolled in the AE Spa Wellness Program. The number of participants is limited.

The Wellness Massage is a 60-minute massage that can be tailored to target specific areas to alleviate sore muscles, or focused as an all-over body massage. Essential oils are also used to help relieve stress and to soothe the mind and body.

The Wellness Facial The Wellness Facial is a 50-minute facial consisting of a skin analysis, cleansing, light exfoliation, follicle extraction, a massage, a masque and hydration. Young Living™ Essential oils are used to help balance the skin and treat specific conditions. The esthetician can customize the monthly facials by focusing on season-specific skincare concerns and problematic areas.

The Wellness Pedicure is a 75-minute pedicure featuring soaking, cleaning, filing, trimming, shaping, and callus work. An ankle and foot massage using hot stones relieves foot and ankle stress. As a finishing touch, a hydrating Essie foot masque is applied followed by a polish of your choice from the Essie Polish Line.

For your convenience, the program fee of $69 per month will be automatically deducted from a credit card or bank account. Participants in the AE Spa Wellness Program also receive advance notice on specials and events, easy check-in & check out, and can “gift” one month to a family member or a friend, and Wellness clients will receive 5,000 Reward points.

For more information, please call 585.461.4310 – we look forward to seeing you at the Spa!