Babe Mink Lash Extensions are a comfortable, ultra-convenient way to add length, volume, and intensity to your lashes. They look and feel completely natural, and each lash is attached with medical-grade glue that is designed especially for the eyelashes. Say goodbye to spending hours on your eye makeup and mascara – getting ready is now faster than ever with lash extensions. They are especially great for those with sparse, fine eyelashes or for those wanting more volume and length.

Full Set


Fills (Recommended every 2-3 weeks)



AE Lash Club

As part of the Club your first visit will receive a full set of beautiful, natural-looking lashes customized to the look you desire for the club price of $150. Included in the membership are 2 fills a month to maintain your beautiful lashes. The Lash Club monthly membership fee is an automatic deduction of $90.

Before and After Pictures